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Fourty-Five Living Things I Can Keep From Dying
Forty-Five Living Things I Can Keep From Dying At Least Half The Time
1. Succulent plants
2. Cactuses
3. Ridiculously hardy, drought-proof, cat-proof, Reev-proof flowers
4. Mandrake plants (FEAR MY GARDEN OF THORNS AND SCREAMING ROOTS!) (…alright I don’t actually own mandrakes) (YET)
5. My stuffed animals that definitely have feelings and souls
6. A few lucky goldfish
7. A few lucky aquatic snails
8. A few unlucky pet rocks
9. Tamagotchis
10. Pokémon
11. Some other digital pets
12. The poop species of Digimon (and even that one is high maintenance…)
13. The shredded remains of a chosen hero or two’s soul
14. Shadow-dwelling demonic creatures that are recovering strength disturbingly fast…
15. That voice inside my head. What’s his name? Jordan? Well, he hasn’t died on me yet. …and it’s annoying. The guy bugs me about staring at my phone all day. How ungrateful.
16. A half-blind dog
17. Two warring cats…bot
:iconreevee21:Reevee21 0 0
BILL CY THE TRIANGLE GUY :iconreevee21:Reevee21 0 0
PokespeGO - Halloween Event Submission
Gabriel’s first assignment at the lab was babysitting ghosts. As in…watching over spiritual beings that had the mentality of an infant, despite having probably had a long life before becoming a phantom.
The request had left him stunned, and it took him a full ten seconds of deeply thoughtful silence and a statement of “…what?”. He received a loose explanation and simply took the mission in a daze, Professor Apple looking just as flustered with the topic. “Nobody can track Ghost Pokémon that well, it’s really healthier to just accept that they have an infant stage, alright?”
And that left him stuck with it. He took the theory, boxed its contents in his head, and labeled it with ‘ghosts are very physically loose reincarnations’ so he could work with it. He wanted to have it figured out by the time he met the ghost-babies/baby ghosts, but he really couldn’t with the “a-fictional-universe-is-now-fused-wit
:iconreevee21:Reevee21 1 0
How to Not Have Nightmares
In order to keep myself nightmare-free and happy with my life choices in general, I will not do the following late at night:
*) Let small animals and insects escape me while they are in the vicinity of my bed
*) Read Ghost-type Pokemon entries in the Pokedex
*) Test that new voodoo doll I got from the creepy guy down the street
*) Handle sharp things hazardously
*) Wander into forests
*) Wander into villages
*) Wander into alleyways
*) Wander into past prisons
*) Wander into very old and abandoned homes
*) Wander anywhere that has had death taken place in or around it
*) Wander in general. Wandering at night is terrible. You'll just get lost and need to phone the police and stuff.
*) Agree to play games involving destiny with your friends
*) Look through your supposedly-crazy uncle's photo album of supposedly-seen supposedly spiritual apparitions
*) Forget to text each and every friend before falling asleep
*) Leave out a sibling in your annual goodnight-giving routine. Remember, heart
:iconreevee21:Reevee21 1 0
PokespeGO Written App: Gabriel Jesophore
Name: Gabriel “Gabe” H. Jesophore
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Physical Appearance: Somewhat lanky figure; very lightly tanned skin with freckles on the nose bridge; green-hazel, slightly nearsighted eyes; shaggy, dark blonde hair; round face and small nose; has a series of small, white scars down his right calf.
Wears dark green cargo pants, an off-yellow V-neck shirt, a leather shoulder-strap duffel bag, and a gray sweater tied around his waist. Sports reading glasses when reading.
Occupation: “Ruin Maniac”, ruins explorer and researcher.
Personality: Somewhat quiet when first meeting someone, but will get very chatty in conversations concerning his interests. Can be considered a wallflower. Will almost never enter a fight, verbal or otherwise, unless it hits really, really, reeeaaally close to home; fairly sympathetic and meek. Quick to think up long, extensive theories in scenarios involving any sort of uncertainty; these theories turn
:iconreevee21:Reevee21 2 15
Things You Should Figure Out About Your Character
Are they a boy or a girl?
How do they react to such a question?
Do Pokemon professors offend them for asking?
Do they like Pokemon?
Do they know about Pokemon?
What's their opinion on snakes?
Tight spaces?
The dark?
White-garbed girls at the end of hallways?
Aliens? Aliens. ...ALIENS -
Do they have a love interest?
Do they WANT a love interest?
What's their ideal love interest?
Is this love interest's appearance common?
Can they write/sing decently about love?
(*Urge to sing pop song rising.*)
Hey, speak of the devil; do they like music?
Do they like ANY kind of music? Classical? Chiptune? Techno? Pop? Country? Opera? Rock? Classic rock? Gospel? Heavy metal? Alternative? Game themes? Theatrical music? People banging on rocks with spoons? ...memorable tune, that last one -
Did they watch cartoons as a kid?
Can they take a joke?
Can they take a punch? Can they take a punch -in the FACE-? Do you need to test this? Well, good luck.
Do they like graphic tees?
:iconreevee21:Reevee21 0 1
The Basic Tools of an Author
(*) A working limb of some sort.
(*) A physical brain.
(*) A pencil.
(*) A pencil sharpener.
(*) A pack of mechanical pencils for when you become sick of sharpening your pencil.
(*) Paper.
(*) More paper.
(*) List-designed paper.
(*) Lined paper.
(*) Drawing paper.
(*) A notebook full of paper.
(*) More paper.
(*) Reeds in case you run out of paper and need to wing it, Egyptian style.
(*) A pen.
(*) Maybe a pretty pen.
(*) And a sparkly pen.
(*) And a quill and ink if you want them. not obtain from Delores Umbridge.
(*) A cat. ...yes, a cat is necessary. Have you ever seen an author without a cat? I mean, come on. They're wonderful for muses, anyway. As well as portraits.
(*) Something flat, clean, and perfectly dry. The following will not work; pillows, lawns, cats, most machinery, swimming pools, bodies of any kind, fire, a screen, a stack of paper.
(*) A light source. Hire fireflies or anglerfish if required.
(*) More paper.
(*) An eraser to save paper and wipe horrid ideas/mi
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How to Write an Original Work, Reev Style
Step 1: Realize that you want to write something original.
Step 2: Put off writing said original thing as long as humanly possible in fear that it will turn out horribly.
Step 3: Get nothing creative done over the next few days due to your little sucker of an idea taking up all the room in your mind.
Step 4: Surrender to the idea before your brain suffocates under lack of fresh mind-stuff.
Step 5: Create your main character.
Step 6: Put the side character you have accidentally created aside and make you REAL main character.
Step 7: Accidentally repeat steps five through six for a while.
Step 8: Try and FIND your oh-so-elusive main character.
Step 9: Check the drawers.
Step 10: And under the bed.
Step 11: And on the bookshelf.
Step 12: And inside the cereal boxes.
Step 13: Good lore, where is this guy?!
Step 14: Put step eight on hold. We'll find that guy. Eventually. Probably.
Step 15: Realize you have no plot for your story.
Step 16: Panic for a little, worrying all you efforts to be
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The Vision Ball! (Sales Pitch) :iconreevee21:Reevee21 0 0
It's a Gamer's World LEVEL 1: WORLD 1 - 1
Don’t mind the crowds, they’ll bring you down
Don’t mind the world, it’ll be crashing now
Ignore the static, it’ll all go away
Ignore real life, it’s for some other day

For we are the dreamers
And we are the ones who dare to dream


Because It’s a Gamer’s World, after all
WORLD 1 – 1

Seconds stretched into hours inside the prison of the school.
The junior high school class was made of about twenty-five kids, and at least a portion of all twenty-fives’ attentions were on the teacher at the front of the class—who looked only slightly more amused than her charges after a long day of education. The rows of worn, wooden desks were a bit too close and the tiles on the ground were somewhat grimy; the light green paint was picked off at the spots on the wall nearby idle students and scuffed around the corners of the desks, making
:iconreevee21:Reevee21 1 0
Crazy Venipede Mob :iconreevee21:Reevee21 1 0
Into the Smasher's World (Part 2)

Part 2: A Broken Flight
Chips of glass and papers blown from their glasses shuffled beneath his feet as Isaac ventured down the hall, holding the Dark Pit staff down like a rifle as he approached the open doors to the gym. Doors stood by with gray-lit windows, somberly standing like curious bystanders watching a doomed man walk past.
It felt underground and foreign in the place while it was swallowed with shadows and smelled like dirty snow; the faded light from the gym brightened the end exactly like a tunnel. He found his breath spiking at the dark stains—Shadow Bugs left behind a distinctive juice when crushed—and his heart sinking at every splash of blood along it. Foreign whispers of the wind and mutterings of unknown origin made him all the more wary.
But he stayed focus on the chattering ahead and the promise of vague safety held in them. They seemed at least somewhat human, spare the occasional incredibly unique accent, and w
:iconreevee21:Reevee21 1 0
Isaac Hurn (Into the Smasher's World) :iconreevee21:Reevee21 2 0
Mature content
Into the Smasher's World part 1 :iconreevee21:Reevee21 1 0
Divine Thumb Wrestle :iconreevee21:Reevee21 3 0 Ninetails Emblem (2) :iconreevee21:Reevee21 0 1
Ah, the art section has always been a favorite of mine. I mean, who cares about the biography, right?


PKMNCC--March Event Week 3--Bear Trap :iconkineil-wicks:Kineil-Wicks 7 5 Sunlight :icontheunspokenprophet:theunspokenprophet 95 13 Moonlight :icontheunspokenprophet:theunspokenprophet 69 6 PKMNCC--Benitoite Reference :iconkineil-wicks:Kineil-Wicks 5 2 PKMNCC--Fonzie Reference :iconkineil-wicks:Kineil-Wicks 6 2 cloneiversary :iconmightybiteysnake:MightyBiteySnake 49 12 Bloody Pit :iconwendymartin:WendyMartin 32 2 Freeman's Mind :iconlivinlovindude:livinlovindude 197 211 Magical Men :iconhumon:humon 4,627 575 Magical Girl Monthly #3 :icongdbee:GDBee 1,100 79 Narcoleptic Tendencies :icongiraffewizardry:GiraffeWizardry 1,066 199 Join the dark side! :iconjwiesner:JWiesner 631 68 erase :iconisuzu-san:Isuzu-san 434 28 Honest Trailers - The Smash Rescuers :iconpikachugirl345:Pikachugirl345 9 3 PKMNCC--March Event Week 2--What Is That? :iconkineil-wicks:Kineil-Wicks 9 3 Commission: Team Benji :iconky-nim:ky-nim 678 42
Hey, look, stuff that is better than mine! I love it's all so perdy...also please don't judge my interests -



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~I don't know my name~!
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hello, artists of deviantART! I'm Reevee, but you can call me Renee, Reevs, Reevee-chan for you Japanese artists, whatever works.

So, I'll probably be doing art for my stories on here, as well as whatever else keeps this CB Pencil of mine flowing! Though, as a warning, I have a short attention span in projects. And am somewhat terrible at anything that isn't on a whiteboard.

Link to my Fanfiction account:…




*TV static*

So...I don't remember the last time I wrote a journal. Some time ago. Updates? Yea, let's get to them.

(*) I got a phone for my fifteenth birthday and with it have lost whatever remaining free time I have! Ah, well. At least Phil can stop bugging my mom's phone when she wants to text with me. Anyway, it's a Motorola model, which makes case shopping impossible...and I also got lonely one day and named it Noah...I think I had Stockholm syndrome or something in my past life. That would explain a lot.
(*) My mono cleared up sometime in January but I still have symptoms from it - namely throat problems, which a doctor we visited identified as acid reflux. My mom doesn't trust his opinion (or any doctor's opinion, really, ever since she got her license as a medication aid...) but doesn't know what else it could be, so every other day when I feel like a) crud and b) gagging, she marvels at me and prescribes Tums. It's sort of working. I guess. I dunno. Blegh.
(*) Finally bought Cave Story for myself. Have been singing the main theme internally ever since I opened up that title screen.
(*) I have gotten a -ton- of original works up on Wattpad (a website I personally hate but Phil suggested to me so what can I do). Like a ton. Or only two, really, but on whatever days I don't have a ton of stuff to do or acid attacks, I plot like a madwoman. I don't know or...particularly care, honestly, if I will put up any of these works on DA. But I probably should.

Oi, that brings me to my next issue: I haven't been active anywhere recently.

Some-odd months ago, I semi-intentionally dropped a lot of daily activity on my accounts in favor of issues in real life. Mostly medical issues, as I said. Seems I caught the DeviantART user habit of crashing with a medical problem a few years in.

I haven't completely disappeared off the face of the internet, though, and have been lurking around the DA archives and Wattpad; but I don't think I will ever again get to a point in my life with few enough real world issues to update daily and write fanfiction all the time. At least, that's what it seems like.

I love fanfiction. I love everything about it. I love writing it, I love reading it, I love the people I met through it - strangers on the other side of the screen, connected with me through the same love of a series. And I do miss talking with them - Mae, Roseh, Kit, LovingTogetic, Staryskies - but...

...I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere with my fics.

I can't think of anything worth reading besides some remakes, and my half-finished ones are getting harder to manage each day as my writing drifts out of my circle of fandoms and into worlds I've authored on my own. Some of the new fics I HAVE come up with (a cosplay series, an Heirlooms remake and spin-off) are daunting, because - just like when I first started - I don't feel like I could channel other peoples' characters as well as they could.

I feel more comfortable writing my own.

I've repurposed a lot of my OCs, used and unused, into original books overtime - even Renee, my own self-insert-gone-rouge. I flipped a lot of budding plots into entirely separate stories I could weave into a series all my own. I've run out of time and patience for a lot of fics because I don't feel like wasting my time staring at a blank screen while I try to think up a scenario for alien characters to be in.

I think it was always like this. I've always used at least one original character in every decent fanfiction I've ever wrote, and always had them follow a plot almost entirely unrelated from the series' original story. I guess it's just me and my hatred for copying -X-

So, what I'm saying is...I've mostly moved out of my fanfiction stage.

But I got a lot out of those books. My grammar improved. So did my descriptions and characters and scenarios - and enemies. How I have LEARNED to write a good enemy. The people I met taught me, sometimes unknowingly, how to write a good story, and I owe them hugely for that. I might end up repaying their favor in my self-written science fiction and fantasy books.

I know I'm not completely done with fangirlism. I'm going to be thinking of other people's characters and stories all my life, trying to find ways to see how I could get in on it and have the pleasure of writing such fleshed characters. It's what I like to think of. And it's stuff I want to see you guys react to. ...but I'll keep the really stupid stuff to myself, alright?

Heh. Here I am, running under the name Reevee21 when I gave up on Pokemon writing months ago...


...good JEEZ, that was so deep! Augh! Somebody put in a bad pun or something to lighten things up! Argh, I knew those late nights would take a role on me somewhere...I'm super poetic when tiered...!



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